Comfortable and Colourful Frames for Children

Purchasing eyeglasses for children has never been so stress free! At Ben Franklin, we understand your child’s unique eyewear needs more than anyone else. We strive to empower children by ensuring that they have the most sturdy and trendy glasses that provide maximum comfort. With dozens of styles and colours to choose from, we have taken innovation to a new level in children’s quality eyewear. Our frames are flexible and durable, designed specifically for young trendsetters. Our lenses come with superior UV protection and are impact-resistant for active young users. What’s more, the frames are incredibly light and easy to adjust to suit every face.

Wearing glasses has never been cooler! Ben Franklin’s mission is to help every child feel confident and special. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you and your child find the perfect fit as quickly as possible.

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