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Contact Lenses: For a Clearer Perspective

At Ben Franklin, we understand the growing preference among customers for contact lenses. Contact lenses provide freedom from frames, enabling users to pursue sports and active lifestyles without any restrictions. These lenses offer a wider field of vision compared to spectacles. As a result, people and things appear in their real dimensions and relative position without disproportionate or uneven magnification. Over 100 years, contact lens technology has evolved, and everyone can wear contact lenses comfortably.

Contact lenses also make it far easier for users to choose and wear sunglasses from a wide variety of brands and designs, optimally suited to their face shape and skin tone.

The latest technology has vastly improved the comfort and experience of wearing contact lenses. Users benefit from the freedom of not having to bear with some of the discomfort of wearing frames—pinching of the face and getting marks around the bridge of the nose. Wearing contact lenses enables users to appear as they are, without the use of eyeglasses.

As the only alternative to spectacles, contact lenses help you improve your vision. Contact lenses help those whose jobs require them to work with precision machinery or wear protective goggles, or if they are active in sports and outdoor activities. They do not interfere with trendy sunglasses or the 3-D glasses that are required for watching movies, too. Plus, if you want to experiment with your look, you can always opt for coloured contact lenses, which come in both power and non-power versions. Whether you are buying them for cosmetic reasons or not, contact lenses remain the most popular solution all over the world for vision correction.

Contact Lens

At Ben Franklin, we understand these advantages and specialise in retailing the world’s leading contact lenses from top brands. It includes a range of contact lenses from SoftLens, Pure Vision and Acuvue.

Walk into our stores to experience the comfort and freedom of going frame-free!

Types of contact Lenses


Rigid Gas-permeable Contact Lens (RGP)

These lenses are made of materials, which are permeable to oxygen. The lenses provide crisp, clear vision and are also suitable for high cylindrical power.


Soft Contact Lenses

These lenses are made from hydrogel and silicone hydrogel materials. They cover the entire cornea. They are the most popular type of contact lenses worn nowadays as they provide better initial comfort; are disposable; are healthier and more hygienic and suitable for most people.